Bruderkopf is a modern and progressive recruitment agency founded and managed by twin brothers. It's a trustworthy and independent partner in personnel marketing and recruiting.

It was important for the owners to clearly showcase their modern approach from using the latest assessment techniques to state-of-the-art talent seeking technologies. Their office is located in a modernist office building with an existing "Bauhaus"-inspired branding. They wanted their new branding to conform to this style. Based on these requirements, we defined the design brief as "design-oriented, modern, minimalist, clear and focused".

Primary symbols identified during the exploration phase. (Bruderkopf means "Brotherhead" in German.)

Head and Twins and the modernist style were identified as the main components of the design.

Three options for the icon mark were developed for client's consideration.

After a review process with the client we have selected the first option as the winner for its more unique and defined shapes that could be easily recognised in small scale applications. The design perfectly represents the main symbolism and the defined graphic style with its minimalist geometric shapes.